Welcome to North Sewing Automation

North Sewing Automation has been providing sewing machine services including repairs, parts, machinery, and custom made products worldwide since 1995. Originally starting as Norm Sewing Machine and providing local Ontario sewing service, our operation quickly expanded as word-of-mouth from our satisfied customers built us a global reputation for providing the very best in the industry.

We take pride in our specialization of sewing machine services, and our passion is driven by three objectives: quality, precision, and expertise. Beyond our well-respected sewing services, North Sewing Automation has also become a leader in advanced, durable, and efficient custom made sewing products such as our 70” long-arms. When our customers need the best, they come to North Sewing Automation.


Modern, efficient, and durable. The perfect combination.


CNC accuracy, CAD engineering, and attention to detail. The finest standard.


Knowledge, experience, and education. The best.